The Cooler


  • Stick your can in one of these and keep it cool
  • BEBC Approved
  • Made Of Laminated Open Cell Foam
  • A lot better than Unlaminated Closed Cell Foam
  • Folds Flat For Pocket Or Purse Storage
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The ultimate status symbol for your can. Beautiful purple sleeve with the Bayley-Ellard Overlay Crest printed on TWO sides! How’s that for fancy?

*Most people call these things Koozies® or something similar, but we found out that Koozie® is a registered trademark of Bic® and they have a bunch of lawyers on retainer who like to file lawsuits when sites like ours use the word, so we can’t use it here. Just to be be clear, these are not Koozies®, they are Crested Coolers For Your Can™. If you call them Koozies® you are doing so at your own risk.

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